Alfredo Costa Monteiro



This is the first time that these three musicians work together, yet as duos they did work together
before. As Wolkokrots, Garcia and Belorukov perform together and the duo Monteiro/Garcia
delivered two records and Monteiro/Belorukov one record together. On 13th of July 2017 the three
were in Barcelona, hometown of Monteiro, and they recorded the two pieces, each around twenty-
two minutes, using electronics and fluteophone for Belorukov, whole the other two simply take
credit for electronics. If you are familiar with their work, for instance from pages like Vital Weekly,
then you know that they love their sounds to be delicate, small and intimate, but at the same time
they are not shy of using some high piercing frequencies. If these are the doodling of sine waves
or perhaps using «from minute gestures and fragile materials like paper, strings, small objects or
manipulated acoustic instruments», which is their common practice, so says Tanuki Records, I don’t
know. I do know that this particular release sounds quite electronic, with lots of hisses, crackles and
deep and high-end frequencies melting together in an excellent way. This trio take their time to
develop sounds, let them rest and simmer for a while, before moving to something else. If it so
happens to be quiet for some time, then so be it. They don’t care for the fact that this is a cassette
and especially the lower end of volume range might be lost here. That is okay, as they always
return with their dialogue of sounds and then move slowly forward to the next section. This is by all
accounts a great release, but I must admit I didn’t expect anything else as such from these three
accomplished players. (FdW)
Frans de Ward – Vital Weekly