Alfredo Costa Monteiro



Split 45rpm vinyl. The Cremaster side (Ferran Fages, feedback, mixers and Alfredo Costa Monteiro electroacoustic devices) is as excellent as it is aggravatingly short. Careening, echoing blasts and howls sounding as though you’re on a gurney ripping through a collapsing, subterranean power plant. Tempted to play it at 33 to draw it out some more…It’s rare that I’ve found a 7″ release in this neck of the woods (ie, non-pop) that’s both excellent and of perfect duration. More often, it’s a cruel tease. That’s the feeling I get here: would’ve loved to have heard more but am satisfied, I guess, with this dollop. Very tasty

Komora A is Karol Kosniec (electronics), Dominik Kowalczyk (laptop) and Jakub Mikolajczyk (modular synth). Their track is quite different, swirling electronics with enough bitterness to maintain interest and a suggestion of pulse that recalls Gunter Muller, Voice Crack, etc. Again, the brevity intrudes a bit, though it’s impossible to say whether the essentials of the piece had already been delivered.

A smidgen, necessarily, but worth it for Cremaster fans.

Brian Olewnick, Just Outside.