ate gena

Also on a more meditative approach when it comes to improvising does Alfredo Costa Monteiro, who playsaccordion and cymbal here, playing four pieces. By now Costa Monteiro is someone whose work is revieweda lot in these pages, and one could say I always like what he does, and these four pieces are no exception.
In each of these pieces he plays in a very contemplative mood; quiet and introspective; it is hard to say what the cymbal does in all of these pieces. In the first one 'Sixieme Repli' it is used to strike against the body of the instrument and occasionally bangs it, but throughout there is more a drone like sound to be noted in these pieces of carefully adding air to the instrument and of hardly playing it; it all has quite a spooky character with some kind of resonating sound.
This is another wonderful release by Costa Monteiro.

Fran de Waard, Vital Weekly

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