Alfredo Costa Monteiro


sound poetry

sound / visual poetry




Sound poetry, text-sound
Poems in portuguese, french, spanish, catalan and english.
The purpose of this work lies in the musicality of language: language pushed to the limit of its phonetic entrenchments, evicting semantics for the benefit of sound, in a combinatory framework that generates its own architecture.
The text is built of snatches of conversation, malleable to a multitude of meanings: the meaning no longer reaches out to a passive listener, but one in a constant state of tension, in his attempt to detect the sense amidst the sound.
Or, at worst, surrender to the litany.
Behind what is said stands another language, resonant and inherent in every manner of discourse, which does not usually manifest itself, but, in this context, acquires a place which is its own by right: that of being, also, an object of communication.





online works



quem ser
a new piece for the book
POESIA PROGRAMABILIDADE PERFORMANCE: Projetos, processos e práticas em meios digitais.
curated by bruno ministro
listen here


a portuguese experimental poetry archive
curated by rui torres


intima mente
an online magazine
curated by tiago schwäbl & nuno miguel neves


listen here
a limited edition printed by oeil de lynx, paris, 2018


nuée & microaforismos
a relevant french sound poetry website
curated by julien d’abrigeon


a sound poem for the online magazine
curated by heddy boubaker
november, 2013



extracts of poems


 eco oco live at liceo mutante, 2020



from aspis, released by geraeuschmanufaktur, 2014



un lloc enlloc

live at acciones sonhoras , barcelona, 2018




extract (page7)



extract, released by lenka lente, 2013




extract, unreleased, 2013



(voice by M2)

unreleased, 2006




extract of a live performance in noise is the message
with Leos Ator at the CIPM (Marseille), 2006





a very nice review by stéphane nowak at
cahier critique de poésie

of anima and aspis


various reviews
of performances and editions


reading at parlament 52,  photo by daniel farré