Alfredo Costa Monteiro


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Pascal Battus : paper…& microphones
Alfredo Costa Monteiro : paper & microphones

Duo formed in 2008.
Here, paper is diverted from the silence absorbed in reading or from the secret of a consumer product that it wraps, to deliver a single sheet of white noise, without any message-bearing vocation. It becomes a vibrating body or a speaker of a high sonic efficiency, where microscopic gestures are printed, amplified and transfigured into a roar that listens to itself, and regenerates itself as it listens.


The sounds generated by the duo were captured on tape without any processing or effects, which is all the more astonishing when one hears the mind-dazzling variety of abnormal emissions, ranging from the most delicate (?) hissing caress to the harshest methods of distortion…
Massimo Ricci

More powerful, more noisy than one should expect from the notion of things being made with paper…
Frans de Waard

Fiierce waves of sound scouring one’s speakers clean, rumbling and pealing like nearby thunder….
Brian Olewnick


Extract from Ductile | absurd, 2008

ductile | a question of re_entry / organized music from thessaloniki, 2008
fêlure | organized music from thessaloniki, 2012