Alfredo Costa Monteiro








online projects

a sound piece hylé to be heard on french online radio
curated by dominique balaÿ


cremaster‘s participation to the mobiles project ‘odds ratio’
an online collective piece for
another timbre
curated and co-ordinated by dimitra lazaridou-chatzigoga


an interpretation of architectural model making
a piece by sarah hughes
on another timbre
curated by simon reynell


presentation of sound magazine ursonate 003
trio with ruth barberán and lali barrière
at l’automàtica , barcelona
curated by josé luis espejo




interviews & texts

another timbre




ursonate fanzine

médiathèque de bruxelles

rui eduardo paes blog

correio do porto




radio interviews

la boîte noire, radio temps rodez
by nicolas marmin

australian abc national radio
by robert iolini

arte radio
by pascal mouneyres

ones de crom
by emili miró

radio del museo reina sofía
by josé luis espejo




online related press

the watchful ear

just outside

paris transatlantic

touching extremes

le son du grisli