Alfredo Costa Monteiro


nature of sonographic features


Kamtchatka is a part of Siberia, I know from the very times I played the game of Risk, and I remember because I found it a cool name (probably a cool place too). Its also the name of a duo of Pau Torres and Alfredo Costa Monteiro. The latter has been reviewed before in Vital Weekly and plays accordion, electric guitar, turntable, electro-acoustic devices and resonant objects. He creates installations and plays in various groups, all more or less based on improvisation. Torres was born in Spain, but now lives in Toronto, plays guitar and trumpet and works mainly as a sound designer. Kamtchatka don’t play together as such, but exchange sound files through mail and on this forty-five minute cassette they have two side long pieces of music. Its not very clear who does what here, or what they actually use, sound wise. The most likely thing is that these works are a culmination of whatever it is they are doing in music, but then utterly transformed and layered beyond any recognition. What is it then? Curiously, but perhaps the closest it is, is drone music. An amorphous mass of sound of rotating sounds (the turntable?), low end humming and such like, but it all sounds quite captivating. The crudest and lowest form of drone music, without sounding very noise based. Maybe something got lost in translating this to cassette, but if so, then it was probably all intentional. Very nice.

Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.