Alfredo Costa Monteiro


orbitulina lenticularis

sound installations




orbitulina lenticularis


installation / performance for voice, feedbacks, speakers and microphones

variable dimensions

museu de geologia, barcelona

This installation / performance took place in the museum of geology in Barcelona, during the filming of Daniel Barbé’s documentary Lo jardí de les raons perdudes.
The images and the sound are part of the movie, as an exploration back to millions of years in time by introducing in the museum the names of lost or out of inventory fossiles, and catching this sound with microphones as radiesthesists.


participants: Marta Faúndez, Cristian Vázquez, Daniel B. Farré, Raquel Millan, Eva Ariño, Alejandra Molina, Pere Esteve, Machiel Kolstein, Javier Losúa, Alfredo Costa Monteiro