Alfredo Costa Monteiro


video archive








live at Semibreve festival, Braga, 2017




live at Audio Art Festival, Kraków, 2017




with José Luis Maire at La Neomudéjar, Madrid




A Halo of Light Surrounded by Darkness
an all night concert for electro-acoustic devices
Sanatorium Dźwięku festival
August 2017, Sokołowsko, Poland




paper music – for paper
antic forn de vallcarca, barcelona
may 2016




alfredo costa monteiro & colectivo maDam
espacio cruce madrid, 11-03-2017




fragments of a performance at macba, barcelona, february 2016




¿ y si ? – for solo accordion
FAT festival, espacio tangente, burgos
november 2015




astero live at intr:muros, sevilla, 2011





live at teni zvuka, st petersburg, 2013




live at remor festival, girona, 2009




live at lem festival, barcelona, 2008




live at experimentaclub festival, madrid, 2006




parasite (extract). Lladres de Cossos. Metrònom. Barcelona, 2005




intrarumori #1 . Topophonie. Sala H. Vic, 2004