Alfredo Costa Monteiro


Z=78 (pt:195.09)


A brief (23 minute) solo CDR, recorded about a month after the above disc (July, 2005) with Costa Monteiro once again utilizing pick-ups on turntable. It’s actually very similar and pretty much just as fine. One is now able to identify Alfredo’s contributions to the Neumatica album with a little more exactitude, in particular that great, spinning metallic sound, like a rotating platter of metal within other metal. Again, there’s a strong narrative drive, a clear sense of working through a kind of image-scape, a purposefulness that makes Monteiro’s work stand apart from many others. Sure, there’s a pause to collect his thoughts about halfway through, a reasonable enough lull given the circumstances, but he continues the piece with renewed vigor, a series of clangs, ringing tones and pneumatic drills and finishes things with a sublimely vicious, grinding drone. Fine stuff, indeed.
Brian Olewnick, June 8, 2007 Bagatellen